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As of today my new book “Meine Buchbinderei” is available. For everyone who would like to try out bookbinding but wasn´t sure how to start. There are some basic information, tools I recommend and explain and every project has a step-by-step tutorial. The book starts with easy projects, in the middle are some medium-heavy ones and it ends with some a little bit tricky ones.

Grub your papers and tools around the house – and most of the needed ones you will already have in your house – get a book from the “bookworm agent” of your trust and let´s get started! And I would really love to see photos of your books and notepads and everything you made. Just write me a mail, make a comment down below or share your work on instagram and tag me. I´m thrilled to see everything and I hope you will have fun making books, experiment and learn new skills.

Liebe Grüße, Love


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