How to use the rubber stamp “social circle”

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Here is an example on how to fill out my new rubber stamp the “social circle”. You can write down a date, name and place for the upcoming social engagment. In the middle is a clock where you can draw in the hand clock to define a time and you can mark with some colour what kind of sociel engagment it will be. A meeting or a party or even a rendezvous? To all that you can also mark if it’s a regular or an important social engagment and if confidentiality is needed.

Of course some of the fields ar optional. If you use the rubber stamp for remembering that an e-mail or a call is due on day X, I won’t need to fill out a place. Or instead of a private persons name I can fill in the name of my dentist and make sure I keep track of my next appointment.

Or you use the rubber stamp for your nect party invitations! What would you use the rubber stamp for? Let me know in the comments!



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