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I always liked to draw little leaves and twigs and everything herbal – equal real or fantasy. Even the stamps are made of some of my illustrations. But my new project let me go a little bit further and wilder with all that and I can draw plants as much as I want. And it´s so fun! It also requires that I came up with new little plants, combine different elements in a new way and just play around with them.

It all began really innocent with a paper laying around and some free time – late at night.

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A photo posted by Emadam – because I love paper (@ema_paperlove) on

I´m going to illustrate the whole alphabet. From top to toe – I will draw little herbals in the shapes of the letters. At the moment every illustration til the I is released on Instagram. If you want to follow my progress, you are absolutely welcome! And if you want to see a specific symbol or anything like that dressed in little herbals – please let me know. Write a comment, a mail or a comment on Facebook.




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